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The act of pwning someone in SSF4 (Super Street Fighter 4) while using Vega. This word arrived from a small town in Texas named Friona where 1 young mexican/spanior guy who lived in a trailer home with nothing else to do but to play games began saying this word after every win on xbox live.
Ulga:take that you flaming queer (playing as ryu)

Oscar:haha cant hit me (playing as Vega)

Ulga: Hadoken!!!!!

Oscar:too slow you nub nub
(Vega wins)
Oscar: come back after some practice noob, ha ha Straight Farming

Ulga:NOOO!..... damn farmers
by UltraCow June 09, 2010

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The only way a Sakura player can beat an asian at SSF4(Super Street Fighter 4). Calls upon the warrior within to perform massive combos that are unfair to the enemies and/or Hitler.
Hikaru: Aiwa! me losing!
Hernan: YEAAAAAA!!!
Hikaru: How am I losing to this Sakura player?! Sakura is supposted to be weak...
Hernan: Hadouken!!!!!!!!!!!
Hikaru: NOOOOO! i lost :(
Hernan: heh heh
Hikaru: he went Super Saiyan 6 on my ass
by UltraCow June 14, 2010

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