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The center of drug activity in the county, Wissahickon is full of druggies. Upon coming into the High School, a student will quickly learn about the rather obvious use of drugs, as the students are all very open about it. Sex comes quickly into your life in Wissahickon, and a student there should always have a condom ready. The administration department at the High School sucks, as the rules are completely out of wack, and the 'protective measures' against things such as bullying, drug use, alcohol, and fighting are only there to attack the students that don't do anything wrong. The student body is generally intolerant, and won't put up with anything that doesn't go with their own social group. The popular kids are there to act as Kings and Queens in the fucked up social ladder. Being in any club other than a sport is basically social suicide. The only students that get good grades are either cheating or they don't hang out with anyone, and their love life doesn't go far past their right hand. Wissahickon is basically the retarded younger brother of such schools as LaSalle, and Central Bucks.
Ever seen a guy who walks with a limp and can't pronounce most words in the english language, and always looks high? He probably went to Wissahickon.
by Ulqiorra October 23, 2009

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