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(Noun): Originally, an obscure “reverse holiday” involuntarily observed by several hundred people just in the Capitol Hill area of Washington, D.C. Named after a false prophet out of Tennessee. People “celebrate” Fristmas by canceling vacation plans at the last minute, staying away from their families and friends, and working on the Sabbath. The emblem of Fristmas is not a Menorah or Christmas Tree, but a Gavel. (Verb): To work involuntarily on a weekend, a holiday, or a vacation, as in, "I just got Fristmased by my boss, and I have to go into the office."

You are all set to go on your planned holiday vacation when your boss calls to say "Merry Fristmas" then proceeds to tell you that he canceled your already approved vacation, and that you need to come into work.

by Uelandia December 19, 2005

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