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1. An expression of forgiveness, "no big deal", found sometimes in video games where someone has done damage.

2. Trying to tell a raging person to be quiet, to settle down.
<player 1> Sorry i shot you.

<player 2> NBD. I was in your way, anyways.
by u2forever July 19, 2011
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LOLFISH is a term representing disgust in a joke. For instance, the fish, is the unsightly, or unfunny person and when the "fish" says something about the "victim", the victim can say "LOLFISH". LOLFISH is also a sarcastic remark about a joke.
Gamer 1: Yo momma gained a few pounds. Just, like, nbd, about a million! Woo! I just Bomb Turkey'd on you

Gamer 2: LOLfish.
by U2forever July 30, 2011
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