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One of the jane strips located in the north york of toronto.
jane and steeles is the first street to start the strips then ends of with jane and shepared. also naigbours to jane and finch which is not even a 3 min walk
jane and steeles most popular area is antica also known as a.n.t or "steeles" there are two buildings that has the most population there is 4001 which is an 18 floor building not the gratest or the cleanest but its still up also 5000 which has 15 floors much more cleaner and decent
the buildings are mostly poplated by iraqs "chaldeans" blacks hispanics middle easterns asians and some whites
the area is not as violent as finch and othere parts but its had its trouble mostly having to do with drugs and just violence u will see police just patrollin around but thats pretty much it.
person #1 : ey yo, u reachin jane and steeles tonight?

person #2 :naaa , i aint wanted dere no more, mans got shit on me!

person #3 : dat sucks for u anticas killin it tonighhT, seeeeeen!
by U.smell April 27, 2007
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Fresh to death......
real hot lookin
feaaalinn ggoooog G
just a clean look u got going on
nice line up on the hair fresh forces just looking crispy
also iced up
the best example for pimed out is either having madddddd stylee like crazy colours with crazy designs like something u would see on a bape hoddie orr
just a clean white tee clean white hat grey dickies and some forces
"ey yoo G where u get ur gear from its really pimped out, you loookinnn pimped out"
by U.smell April 27, 2007
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its hard to define bu....
well its like a disresctfull saying like ur nothing worthfull but an ass wipe
but in this term ur a pussy cleaner aka pusswipe
it doesnt mean ur a pimp and ur eat pussy its more a a disresectfull sayin den something to be proud of
shut the fuck up u ass looking pusswipee, ill snuff u dog
by U.smell April 27, 2007
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