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A murderee is someone that is murdered by a murder.
by TyeJames April 3, 2021
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A normally cute girl who is weird and not afraid to admit it. She is shy and does not like many people. She is very creative and artistic but rarely talks about it . A tailor hates the color pink and does not understand why the color exist. Reading and writing are 2 of her many hobbies. Tailor has an extremely hard time with guys and does not know how to accept a compliment. Tailor has a hard past making it hard for her to open up to people. She has a small group of friends that she is close to. Tailor has can not normally be emotionally there for people. Once you get to know you'll notice that she is amazing and very interesting. If you ever meet a tailor, keep her, she is one of a kind.
"Dude have you met tailor"

"Yeah she is very interesting"
by TyeJames November 22, 2021
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