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Asking Alexandria is a band that was formed in '08 in the UK. Their first album "Stand Up and Scream" is probably one of the most bad ass albums ever. They also have an EP with Skidrow covers, remixes, and a preview of their newest album Reckless and Relentless. Their newest album Reckless and Relentless sucks. They tried too hard to sound different. So just stick to the first album, and maybe if they make a new album (I doubt it) it will be better than Reckless and Relentless. Oh, and don't go see them live. They are really shitty live because they like to do shows drunk, and that's lame and a waste of money.
Me- "Dude have you heard the new AA album?"
Tyler- "Yeah man it sucks ass!"
Me- "Yeah it does."
Tyler- "Asking Alexandria is getting to popular that's what everyone wants to talk about anymore, and they aren't that amazing."
Me- I know, but whatever man."
by Tychoon August 13, 2011
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