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ConfabLab provides a web-based video chat/whiteboard platform for world-wide language learners to connect and immerse themselves in foreign language study. This “virtual classroom” learning tool is recordable and it stores usage metrics to keep students accountable in the learning process and instructors/parents (of students) informed. These metrics include: date/time of each study session, total study hours accumulated in a semester and instructor/partner feedback. This software provides 2 main platforms for language acquisition:

1) Student to student (www.confablab.com) - Students across the world connect in a “tandem learning” environment. This platform allows students to take concepts and skills from the classroom and apply them in real-world conversations with their international peers. True fluency is only obtained by immersion in conversation, and this medium allows unlimited opportunities to connect and immerse.

2) Instructor to student (www.tutor-cl.com) - An instructor (or tutor) purchases the right to use the “virtual classroom” to tutor the student face-to-face in a video chat and to utilize the interactive whiteboard.
Lets learn some Spanish tonight by getting on ConfabLab and connecting with our peers across the globe.
by TutorCL August 26, 2011

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