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Heavy Metal that is tr00, kvlt or awesome.
Manowar are wicked, the Kings of Metal.

Judas Priest are wicked awesome.

Korn are posers, not wicked at all.
by Turks June 13, 2004

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Something that is tr00, heavy metal, kvlt or cool.
The new Nevermore album is wicked awesome!
by Turks June 12, 2004

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"Latvia", "home" of Edmund Steins aka Edman, the owner of LastFF (probably the best forum in the world).

Once said to be comparable to a rubbish dump, most people have now concluded that Latvia doesnt really exists and only exists in Edmans head.
Stupid Latvian Cunt
Latvia doesnt exist
Fucking Latvians
Trust Latvia
Just do it Latvian
by Turks October 07, 2004

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