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The TALL-ASS green TELLITUBIE who created a minecraft server loads of MCYT's are on but barely does lore <3 Also known as the homeless green tellitubie , But we Speak About That More. Also Gogy's best online friend. also sappy nappies best friend
Dreamstan1 : Omg I love watching Dreams Manhunts! They Are So Poggers
Sapnapstan1 : Yes! Especially The Ones With Sapnap In
DreamStan2 : I Prefer The Ones With Dream Winning
DreamStan1: Same!
Georgestan : I Like The Ones Where The Hunters Win
Dreamstan1 And Dreamstan2 : no
by TubsiIs June 5, 2022
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tubbo. he likes bees. he's a boy. it makes sense yk
Tubbo Fan : Have You Watched Bee Boy's New Minecraft Video? it's so Cool!
Tubbo Fan 2 : Yes I Have!
by TubsiIs June 15, 2022
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