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An action that is started when that prick across the room starts playing music on his cell phone, so you turn your MP3/Ipod's volume all the way up, and then engage in music battle over control of the loudest sound waves.
"Hey you hear that prick playing music?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Lets start Headphone Blasting!"

by TruthWithinLies April 16, 2010

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Lulziciousness - A word to describe the act of extreme LOL'ing. Lulziciousness is used when someone is just on the brink of LMAO'ing, however, once hitting the stage of LMAO'ing, one can no longer describe something "Full of lolziciousness."
Guy 1: "Dude did you see that video I sent you?!"

Guy 2: "Yeah! 'Twas lolziciousness..."

Ex 2:
Guy 1: "Hey, how'd that show go?"

Guy 2: "So much lulziciousness..."
by TruthWithinLies February 28, 2010

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A phrase used when during a text or chat conversation and somebody brings up a point and you simply don't want to hear it, so you end the conversation with "lolwutever"
"Dude, I'm telling you, you've got a superiority complex. I mean, why else would you say you're always better?"


(Insert Name Here Signed Off)
by TruthWithinLies April 16, 2010

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