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One of the only sororities that still pledge (harder than their frats).
Did you see those Zetas(Zeta Phi Beta)?

Yeah, they were on line for a whole semester.

Yeah the Sigmas were on line for like a week.
by Tru Greek June 16, 2006

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To strike a enemy on the chin with two fingers, letting him know you don't respect him. Often concidered the worst insult that can be givin in the hood. Almost worst that getting your chain snatched

How it's done:
Lift both the index and middle finger 18" above the head and swing down swiftly striking him/her from the jaw to the chin, while maintaining eye contact. End with an insult or a challenge to retalliate.
Daymn! He chin checked dat fool!

Yo, he size me one more time I'm gonna have to chin check him!
by Tru Greek July 06, 2006

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