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Something so fucked up. You really can't think of something to say about it. Honestly, who can think of this?
PenisNocker: You Ass Licking Thundercunt!
CockFlapper: Shut the fuck up Cooterfloop!
PenisNocker: Wtf?
by Troy Winters June 22, 2006
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When you're doing a girl from the back, you take out a live caged monkey, have it take your place,(since youre on this site, she shouldn't be able to tell the difference) You then proceed to move to the side of the girl, and slap her with a wheel. Wheelbarrows can also be substituted.
Me: Fuck's sake
Her: Yeah, keep at it
Me: Oh something is at it.
Her: Oh shit the Monkey Wheel!
by Troy Winters June 21, 2006
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