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SanDisk was Founded in 1988 by Dr. Eli Harari, the Corporation is an internationally recognized authority on non-volatile memory technology. SanDisk has grown to become the world’s largest supplier of flash memory data storage products. -SanDisk website.

In 2007 SanDisk released the first WiFi base MP3 player, The Sansa Connect. Some features: Download and stream music from local wireless hotspots using the Yahoo! music service. Also still be able to play many MP3 & wma file songs to a 4GB internal Flash memory.

SanDisk is also a leader in Technical support service. By calling SanDisk Tech support to solve issues with your SanDisk product and Sansa MP3 device.

SanDisk is also a innovator creating new technology and setting the blue print for companies to follow. The 42GB flash base drive for future lightweight laptops is one More innovations from the Leader in non-volatile flash memory technology. SanDisk.
Hi, just got this new SanDisk Sansa Express, this device is sweet!

People keep calling us "ScanDisk" where do you see the "c" in SanDisk?

The funny thing is that you can actually go to ScanDisk dot com and find us.
by Troy Berrios April 20, 2007
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