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The same team that swept the Tampa Bay Lightning last year. The same lightning that tied the record for most wins in a season.
Wait your saying the Columbus Blue Jackets won a playoff series?
by Tropicalfire April 01, 2020
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Something that Cubs fans won’t shut the fuck up about. This was a matchup between the Cleveland Indians and the Chicago Cubs. The only reason the cubs won is because of the Indians choke job, they blew a 3-1 lead.

This wasn’t a series Chicago wasn’t supposed to win, hell even make it a 6 game series. But do to Cleveland’s choke job the let the Cubs win even though they were basically being handed the win.
Dodgers fan: this is our year to win it all.

Cubs fan: hah good luck with that, we’re winning again just like 2016.

Dodgers fan: you weren’t even supposed to win it.

Cubs fan: but we did so it counts!

Astros, Yankees, twins, and Red Sox fans: good luck with that.

Twins fans: I need my World Series win!

Rays fans: hey don’t forget us!

Indians fans: sigh 2016 World Series was our chance, and we blew it. We’re not competitive anymore as it seems.
by Tropicalfire June 16, 2019
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