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A white kid trying to be black. Most of these kids can be seen with bling, sporting exotic cars, listening to rap, and wearing hiphop oriented clothing; however, this is not what would be considered a wigger. Many (american) people would consider this to be a wigger, but it is not, as there is more to that. Wigger is a word commonly used in Canada and United States, but if you have been to a continent known as Europe (most of it anyway), the word does NOT exist, because it is in these blindly ignorant countries that people make such stupid assumptions and misinterpretations of these words. Anyone can do or have any of the above, but it does not make them a wigger.

Things that make someone a wigger are:
- Actual use of the word 'nigger' or 'nigga'
- Extremely Excessive Attempts at Gangsta speak, or speaking a black southern accent.
- Degrading stuff that "white people wear"
- Unrequited claims of being black through either ancestry or other ways
Random guy:"Yo Pete check out that Calvin idiot with his Lamborghini and his Gangsta rap... what a wigger!"
Pete:"umm.... that's not a wigger.... but check out that idiot over there"
Wigger: "Wudup ma niggaz, diz be a jazzy shizzle fo shizzle my nizzle, you best not be mindin if ah go out and puff a bit of my crackadoodledizzle.... yo check out that punkass nigga with his emo... what a whitey! At least I'm black because my great great great great great grandpa billy bob had sex witha black lady"

Pete: "What a wigger!"
by Troopa January 09, 2006

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