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Abrevation for the word usual.
'the uje'
Used as often as possible
*sporty chick 101*: HEY! whatsup?
*coolgurl2007*: Not much, just hangin'. Ya know, the uje!
by Trix Mac-Nix July 07, 2008
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Prankd- The passed tense of prank. The 'e' is left out because it is simply not necessary.
Victim- OMG you're moving :| !?
Prankster- YOU BEEN PRANKD muwhaha
by Trix Mac-Nix July 18, 2008
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The ultimate prank- the Art of Pranking someone majorly. It is quite rare and is considered a priviledge if you are the victim or prankster. If overused, it loses its meaning.
Coolgurlz.!- Hey! whatcha up to this weekend??
Voldiluver101- umm. The Ultimate Prank, and yourself?
Coolgurlz.!- kewl! Can i join??
Voldiluver101- no way!!!! Go watch harry potter or something!
by Trix Mac-Nix July 18, 2008
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