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Last surviving male of Planet Earth after it's demolition to make way for a hyperspace bypass.

Was actually a character from The Archers who found himself in the wrong storyline. i.e. a Monty Python-esque psychedelic space opera populated by characters such as Zaphod Beeblebrox (two heads, three arms, former Galactic President, recently voted Worst Dressed Sentient Being of All Time) and Ford Prefect (roving researcher for the Hitch hiker's Guide top the Galaxy, who chose his earth name after some really lazy research).

Constantly in search of tea, while all around him people search for the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything while trying not to die.

The Ultimate Answer was in fact 42, but since no-one knew the question they had to construct a giant supercomputer known as The Earth to find it out. This computer was often mistaken for a planet by the apelike creatures roaming it's surface. It was destroyed by the Vogons five minutes before the critical readout; thus the Ultimate Question was lost forever, allowing the psychiatrists and philosophers to continue in business unmolested and make a fortune arguing about it and "treating" people who wondered what it was all about.

Eventually, he learns how to fly.
"Where's the tea?"
by Trillian August 09, 2004
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One who spends all day one aim, msn, yahoo, whatever. They don't have social lives out side it and generally don't care
trillian, omh, she's such a chat junkie. I wonder how long she could go without an internet connection
by trillian December 30, 2004
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