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The state of a (generally) female porn actresses asshole after the (generally) male actor has performed the Gape act on the said young lady, as seen in many an anal heavy porn film of which there are many (I am told).
Where the exhausted sphincter muscle fails to close and quivers just like old toothless grandma's mouth puckering up to give her (revolted by the gesture) grandchild a kiss.
Kid A: I was watching this one bitch on the internet last night.

Kid B: really, what acts was she engaging in that would provoke you to recount this tale to thou my friend?

Kid A: this dude whipped his dick out of her ass & boy did it gape man! reminded me of my Granma's kiss!

Kid B: Stroll on.
by Trifles August 21, 2009
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A gentleman who is used by a lady in a 'one night stand', where the gentleman may not be the most hansom of chaps but the lady used him as a quick sex fix.
'did you cop off with anyone last night Emma?'
'yeah, well only some trampon'
by Trifles August 09, 2009
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