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A custom sandwich at McDonald's that uses the Mcdouble with fries and Mac Sauce. Created to spite McDonald's for McDoubling the price of the McDouble but turned out delicious.
"hi... Uh... Yeah. Can I... Uh... Can I get a McOrgy with extra Mac Sauce?"
by Travis Le July 03, 2019

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The man of all masculinity. Stare into his eyes if you dare but beware, he carries an aura that spans 30 ft. Stepping into the radius causes instant pregnancy. He consumes super planets to replenish his muscles after lifting the Sun. Capable of deforesting the Amazon with one swing. The ultimate lumberjack. There are over 9000 shades of this grey. The rivers in his body that mortals call "veins" are filled with Jesus Juice. His name is written in ancient texts but translated as Truvese Lae.
So I was walking down the street and there was the almighty TestosJerome and I got pregnant. I'm a guy.
by Travis Le February 09, 2015

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