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Yea... where can i start, if you come to malta hoping to find a really nice history lesson, then your coming to the right place but if your planning on staying, Stop!, Think about it, and then change your mind, because malta is what you can call a hell hole.
maltese people say that they're not racist but just look at them and you'd see it.
the governments in malta suck big time seeing as it takes them 2 years just to start doing the roads then only do bits every here and there.

the people here are the most nosy, iggronant and 2 faced people your every bound to meet.

picture this 'your sitting on one of there old leyland busses and your phone rings, you pick it up and begin to talk in english' now at this moment every single person on the bus have twisted they're neck round 360 degrees just to nosy at you.

It never snows, if it does snow the houses here would'nt be able to do anything to keep the cold out and everyone would probably freeze to death, because all houses are made out of brick.

malta's radio sucks because they play music that came out over 6 years ago and through the song all the Radio DJ does is yabber on about everything and you cant even hear the song... if your going to talk all the time call it a friggin talk show.

I think the only highlight about malta is their national dish 'timpana'.

maltese shows looks like they're still using the cameras that came out in the 70's.
um... example, just come to malta n see 4 yourself... you'll see every friggin thing i just mentioned on here.
by Translogic April 11, 2006
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