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Applying personal initiative and responsibility throughout a duration of time, in order to accomplish either a short or long term goal.
Son: Dad i really want to own my own business one day and grow up to be a chulo just like you.

Dad: First off you can never be a true chulo, but if you go to college, study hard and put in work, one day you might own your own business.
by TrU CHU May 22, 2011
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As versatile as the word "FUCK". can be used as a noun, pronoun, verb, adverb or an adjective.

Depending on context, can either be a compliment or a derogatory slander.

In it's most extreme of forms, "chulo" can be of the ultimate appraisal , or the biggest diss.
A) Hey chulo did you see those two chulo's chuloing down the chulo?

B) Yeah chulo why?

A) Because i think one of those chulos is chulos with my main chulo. Would it be wrong to chulo that chuloing chulo with my chulo?

B) Naaa... just be a chulo and chulo that chulo.
by TRU CHU May 22, 2011
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