3 definitions by ToxicGod

A degratory term, similar to ah bengs, but used for females. Ah lians are individuals who are low class and often have a loose ass to afford their malboros. In other words, They are mostly prostitutes or trash of the society.
The doctor told me not to date an ah lian, because all of them have aids.
by ToxicGod October 24, 2017
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A group of teenagers who spend 1/3 of their dad's money buying luxurious goods to impress people, but instead they are negatively known to be spoiled kids.
These hypebeasts are such a turnoff
by ToxicGod October 24, 2017
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A bunch of egoistic trash that modify their mitsubishi cars for attention. They spend 20years of their hard earned money on goods for showing off but it's not even expensive.
My dad could easily afford 30 of those shitty cars that yalams use to show off.
by ToxicGod October 24, 2017
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