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How to recognise a townie:

1. The female species of townie usually wear slutty tops that barely cover their nipples, and mini-skirts that barely cover their ass-crack. They also tend to wear make-up which makes their face look orange, and bright white eyeshadow which blind u if you look at it.

2. The male species wear trackies(with th double stripe down the side of their leg and arm) along with polished white trainers and a cap sticky-taped to the back of their heads, so that it can point towards the sky. Most of this can be bought from JJB, and other such classy stores.

3. Townies have a very distinguished way of "speaking", though most of the time u cant understand what their saying.

4. They hang around in large groups, usually outside shops such as Blockbusters, morrisons, tesco's etc... (mainly bcoz they hav been banned from coming within 10 miles of any respectable places) and can usually b found blasting their "music" out of their crappy cars in the middle of the night.

5. Townies listen mainly to pop and garage (people like peter andre and 'gangstas' who wud actually be shot if they put one foot in the ghetto)
An example of some perfectly formed townies are a group of girls who i had an arguement wiht the other day. Aswell as not being able to look at the main 'speaker' incase i was blinded bt her orange mask of foundation and blinding eyeshadow, i had to keep asking her to repeat herself, as all i cud hear was a loud screeching sound.
NOTE: NEVER answer a townie back. i did, and it didnt get me very far. the hole group looked like they were about to sit on me, but after shoving me around for a bit, they gave up as it wasnt gettin them very far either.
townies tend to feel like they hav 2 win th arguement. afta realising she wasnt winning, the leader of th group tld her frend she wanted 'to keep sayin stuff to me cuz I was being mouthy!' though she never actually came any closer.
by Townie h8r March 23, 2005

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