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Geek-lite -- :noun: -- 1. Someone, either male of female, whose computer expertise straddles the line between Power User and Le Geekue. 2. A man who can write his own xhtml scripts yet still have the confidence to chat up that busty co-worker. 3. Someone who p0wn$ all their family and friends at Halo 3, then joins a tournament and promptly gets their ass handed to them. 4. A person having an unnatural affinity with canadians, but is still capable of blaming canada like everyone else in the western hemisphere(;D) --
--"Hey dude, how'd the D&D tryouts go?"

--"Not good, they say I'm still too geek-lite."

--"Damn. Ah, hell, you can play Naruto cards with me and the gang, right?"

--"That might hurt my chances next year."
by Toodrunktowrite January 09, 2008
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