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A sexual act in which you tape a bingo card to a women’s back and proceed to screw her doggie style. During climax you pull out and shoot on the back of the women and onto the bingo card. If you happen to connect a line you yell out bingo while slapping the woman's ass.
I talked Michelle into bingo sex last night, I was on my game and got a “coverall”.
by Tonydanza2 August 14, 2009

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Typically a group of heavy drinkers with marginal athletic ability, who managed to stay sober long enough to organize a team and occasionally a roster. Players wear matching uniforms to make the parking lot drinking location easy for teammates to find. Games are usually held in the evening hours so that pre-game drinking can be carried over after the conclusion of the day’s activities to after-game drinking without the interruption of sleep. All activities are held under the guise of a church function promoting fellowship and comroderie in the local religious community. Note: Not be confused with “Ringer Church league softball team” whereas the team actually is steroidal athletic and non-religious.
Scott asked me to join the Church league softball team. After checking with my Alcoholics Anonymous partner, I was told on no uncertain terms to become an atheist if I wanted to stay sober.
by Tonydanza2 August 15, 2009

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