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Beginning to show up in more areas of the US, taking on the original UK meaning as "cool" veruses the Massachusetts meaning of "very," perhaps influenced by the popularity of British imports such as Ali G and Harry Potter in addition to the internet.
"That was totally wicked!" (from the movie The Incredibles)

"Dude that's wicked!"


"Yes ma'am, we got the style that's wicked" (Rich Girl - Gwen Stefani)
by Tony S January 02, 2006

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A restaraunt establishment that feeds over 9% of the entire world EVERY DAY and owns more land, 2nd only to the Catholic church, than anyone else around the world... I guess that's so much for people hating McDonald's (or America for that matter).
Most people pretend to hate McDonald's but apparently not their fries, burgers or sundaes.
by Tony S July 08, 2003

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