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A fart. To be used in the expression "Ah, Bisto" inferring relief at the passing of some aromatic wind.

Origin: Bisto adverts. The family sit down to eat and one member of the family (following a deep inhalation through the nose) expresses their delight at the smell provided by the gravy, by exclaiming: "Ah, Bisto".
Q "Did you just let one go?"

A "Ah, Bisto!"
by TommyE February 16, 2004
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Lascivious expression used to describe an attractive, young female. Implies that the lady in question is likely to be someone with whom you could enjoy gratifying sexual relations.

Use of the expression suggest some degree of intent to peruse a carnal association with the “little bundle of nasty” in question .
"Christ, look at her! She's a right little bundle of nasty! she would deffinately get it!
by TommyE February 16, 2004
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