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When a girl is on her knees, eyes-closed, and a guy runs at her and slaps her on the face with his dick.
"Close you eyes girly, you're in for a surprise.....shapapay!"
by Tommy Lee June 02, 2004

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Amazingly radical and awesome. This word orginated from Venice Beach in 1989 by a group of high school teenagers at a skate park.
That move was totally radsome!
by Tommy Lee March 30, 2005

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A loser teenager, originated from ME! yeah! cuz im a losager!
That kid in Mrs. Gabelmans class is such a losager!
by Tommy Lee March 30, 2005

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A female,washer and dryer.
Bill at work: Hey Ted,what did you buy Helen for her birthday? A washer and a dryer.You know,A Douche Bag and Turkish Towel.
by Tommy Lee September 03, 2003

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