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1 definition by Toastmaster Tom

verb- 1.slang- male masturbation a.When one is presented with the opportunity to instgate masturbation and also feels it neccesary to announce his endeavor, this term is normally found appropriate by most adult males as a discreet yet powerful way to convey his activity. b.method of jocularly explaining the act of male masturbation. Syn.-wankin' it, flogging the dolphin, spankin' it, chokin' the lizard/chiken, spankin' the monkey, beating the meat, touching my penis, masturbation. Ant.-why the hell are you not masturbating right now?
"Hey Bob, where the fuck is Steve?"
"Probably in his apartment crankin' it."
"Ah. In that case, I'm gonna go and fire off a few knuckle children myself."
"Okay, just don't get it on the walls."
by Toastmaster Tom July 6, 2006
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