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A greeting that was originally created by a cartoonist from Delaware. It is commonly linked with rock music, because both participants use the "Rock On" hand gesture when shouting the finishing line of said salute. The format is as follows:

Person A: Can I get a box salute?
Person B: Sound off like you got a pair!
Both: *shouting in a kiwi or British accent* I... LOVE... BOXES!!
Taylor: Can I get a box salute?
Audience: Sound off like you got a pair!
All: I... LOVE... BOXES!!
by Toaster Girl November 14, 2009
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Like it's raining Saturday." Meaning similar to "like it's nobody's business.
Man, when I found out they were offering free doughnuts, I went over there like it was raining Saturday.
by Toaster Girl September 04, 2010
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