2 definitions by ToXXicTeRRor

I don't really care all the much but I'd like to continue having a conversation.
Stan: "Hey, I'm going to a concert later!"
Janatte: "Ohya?"
Stan: "Yeah, it's going to be awesome!"
by ToXXicTeRRor August 16, 2010
A fictional disease made popular by RWJ (RayWilliamJohnson) of YouTube.
You contract Squaids by having sexual intercourse with a squirrel.

The name is derived from "Sqirrel" and "AIDS".
The only known cure for Squaids is to "Do a mom". Preferrably not your own mom, because that would be wrong.
Guy 1: "So... I have Squaids."

Guy 2: "That's too bad man... You could borrow my mom if you want?"

Guy 1: "Dude, that would be great!"
by ToXXicTeRRor August 16, 2010