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A term that describes behavioral traits displayed by a person of an unrefined character.

They usually know it themselves and still apply disrespect to others in the form of inconsideration, ignoring important social cues on purpose, and avoiding any mindfulness to resent actual norms.

Comes from: brain involvement needed to generate enough respect for normal society to remain refined. Low frequency personnel don’t have energy for that, or suffered abuse to the point of no return or just derive daily energy from distasteful forms of disruption they inflict.

Similar to: lowlife
Person 1: she knocked on your door and coughed?! why did she do that?? She knew not to disturb you during your video interview!
Person 2: because she doesn’t give a damn. That’s low frequency behavior. Get me out of here.
by TiredBro February 19, 2021
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When you understand, but it hurts. Though it is typically a typo, it is felt as a punch to the gut.

Understood plus oof.
On chat
Boss: We just dont have the resources to accommodate this customer
Rep: Understoof.
by TiredBro November 17, 2021
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