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In the Neopets realm: Someone tht is purposly annoying person that is usually illiterate, spamming, begging, etc.
In the multiplayer online gaming world: Someone that is purposly anoying, usually illiterate, spamming, teamkilling, camping, rocket spammer, etc.
(NOTE: Unlike n00b, which derives from newb, a y00b is a player who has experience in whatever field of gaming they are in, and yet still suck and/ are annoying.)
Hey, my teammate in Halo shot me in the back and ran away! What a y00b.
by Tiraki August 19, 2004
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Also see y00bish and y00b. Someone that is y00ber gets joy from seeing their own spam messages, having people getting mad at them for teamkilling, or anything else that people hate and yet they still do. If you come across a y00ber y00b, you better run for your life.
Crap! That y00ber idiot just had to drop a grenade when our WHOLE SQUAD was in the elevator, didn't he?
by Tiraki August 27, 2004
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See Y00b. It is simlar to y00b, but it is not near as bad. Person more than ocasionally spawms, teamkills, begs, etc. But he/she does not regularly do it.
Darnit, that person TKed me! Oh well, he does not do it incredibly often.
by Tiraki August 27, 2004
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