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A Creampie but with guys.
Can also be a cold carl, again just with guys.
Dude did you see Brad and Andy's video, Andy licked out his own gezpie.
by Tipsythegza May 04, 2009

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1. when you shop at a dollar store for a gift for your girlfriend.

2. when you bend over for cool kids on the internet.

Gez can also be known as a gezci
Person1: Dude its kevin's birthday i have to get him something!!!
Person2: Just GeZ it brah.
Person1: D D!!!!

Person1: Dude lets go play counter strike
Person2: Sorry dude my guild leader wants me to raid Karazhan
Person1: fuck man stop gezzin it
by Tipsythegza October 17, 2008

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