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A group of kids or one kid that is obnoxiously obsessive over what others will thinks and what they want others to think. In order to be a scene kid, you must wear all the right clothes and all the right hair styles, etc., or else you will be called a poser.

The "Scene Kids" must listen to either electric pop, or alternative pop. If you listen to alternative music, you must say that you listen to rock and punk, even though that's not what it is. But if you want to be a scene kid, you can never ever actually listen to real punk or rock, because that goes against the nature of a true scene kid.

If you want to be a "Scene Kid", you must have the right hair. You have to have several colors in your hair. You can't just have one, because then, you are a "poser." You also must always wear either a gangster hat, or have your hair teased, but only in the back. You can't NEVER have your hair parted down the middle, because that is just to preppy for the scene crowd. So your hair must be parted as far to the side as possible, and you have to have super super thick bangs so that you cannot see a single speck of your forehead.

The scene crowd all have synchronized outfits. You have to wear jeans so tight that you are forced to lose weight. Also, you have to wear band t-shirts for bands such as "3OH!3", "Forever The Sickest Kids", "Cute Is What We Aim For", "The Devil Wears Prada", etc. You can't wear a new pair of shoes. No no no, never. You have to have beat up converse or vans, because it is the WORST possible thing you can do if you look the least bit swanky. Also, if you wear clothes from Hollister or Abercrombie you will be considered a "poser", and people will call you preppy instead of scene.

Hope you have fun with the "Scene Kids"!
Oh my god, look at that girl over there with the red, yellow, orange, purple, and blue hair, she's such a scene kid.

Wow, check out that girl with the Motion City Soundtrack shirt and the skinny leg jeans on, she's sooo scene.

Holy Tornado, that guy has alternative on his myspace, he must be a scene kid!
by Tinkkkk0x April 21, 2009

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