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A penis thats extremely girthy. "Most of the time" a thick stick will look funny cause it is quite short yet very wide in diameter, yet sometimes it is a Monster.
Ash was amazed when she saw it, all she could do was say "WOW, Willie G that is one Thick Stick...i hope it doesn't break me!!!"
by Timothy Knapp July 13, 2006

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the action of changing from normal clothes into your swimsuit/wetsuit to go surfing with the towel wrapped around you, allowing you to change in public, without exposing yourself..
When Tim got to the beach, he saw no bathrooms. So he used the towelnique to change from his suit to his boardshorts...
by Timothy Knapp July 12, 2006

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Someone amazingly good at love amking who never dissapoints their partner in bed, in the car, on the beach, in the kitchen, in the SDSU library, or wherever else they might be..
Pkyle really could lay the pipe, his girl said he was a SupaPHuka, and she always came like gravy on a Thanksgiving Turkey..
by timothy knapp July 12, 2006

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