1 definition by Timothy the Abusive Mexican

A place where bad things happen to people. Oddly enough, the same people who always say 'peace to Darfur' are the same dumbass hippies that protest war in a rather absent-mindedly attempt to be nonconformist and fight the machine. They do raise a few good points every so often, but not enough to actually support the side they take. So few of them know just what the machine they fight against is, and just protest because they are incapable of intelligent thought processes.
Have you actually ever stopped to listen to these people who like to talk about darfur? They are overly-opinionated, mentally retarded dumbasses who hate on bush just because everyone else does. What's funny is that most of them are several times more retarded than George W.
by Timothy the Abusive Mexican November 9, 2007
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