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A purring or rasp in the lower register of the voice, particularly at the trailing end of a word or sentence. Vocal fry had been around for a long time without attracting criticism (go listen to Billie Holiday), until someone decided there were too many women's voices in the media, and needed some excuse to criticize them without appearing sexist. Now vocal fry is one of the most egregious of sins. Men can have vocal fry too, but will never be called out on it.
"I can barely stand to listen to that newscaster's vocal fry. How did she ever get hired?"
by Tigerhorse July 21, 2015
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A form of judicial self-insert fanfic in which the author of a legal opinion imagines the founders of the nations fawning over them, panties a-drip to agree with their ideas. "Oh Antonin, you're not like all the other justices, you really get me; of course corporations are people! Hamilton was just telling me as much just the other day; how clever and handsome you are!"
Citing the doctrine of Originalism, the court disregarded the "well-regulated militia" clause of the 2nd Amendment.
by Tigerhorse October 12, 2020
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