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A rather uncomfortable moment of possibly endless silence that makes any IM/Chat user feel like a complete tool. This causes them to type the word "buehler?" in usually a futile attempt to get reestablished in conversation. It is brought on by the buehler-e saying something so socially odd the buehler-er is left speechless, unable to type or so morally offended that they have to find any reason humanly possible to end the chat session and leave the buehler-e hanging as a means of punishment.
I was only kidding about wanting to sleep with your sister, she is not my type, I like thin girls...buehler, buehler? Dude are you there? Ugh, WTF...I think I am typing to the wall again. I clearly have been buehlered by you. IM me when your free, OK? I want to finish this up about your sister.

I buehlered that schmuck for talking smack about my sister.
by Thwackistan July 26, 2010
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