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A criminal and unconstitutional fabrication of what to profile pro and post Columbine Incident during the beginning of 1999, which is to single out "unwanted" elements of a State level school for "red flag" warnings of a possible second Incident. This criminal and blatant reckless disregard of profiling was divulged by the News media at large, from alleged FBI (Federal Level) information. The information was loosely pieced together at best and described the "red flags" of the profiled as "seemingly gothic, wearing black, usually wearing a black trench coat." They are usually singled out by peer pressure such as "jocks" and are normally bullied. 9 out of 10 of the profiled are not even suspected, and usually end up with harassment of death threats, vandalism, more bullying to the point of physicality due to panic and unwarranted and illegal harassment by law-enforcement officials. The Trench Coat Mafia is a red herring for misdirection and misinformation to say the least.
Trench Coat Mafia Red Herring FalsifyingUnconstitutionalFraudulent Peer PressureRed FlagsProfilingMediaMisdirectionMisinformation
by ThroatsDeep January 25, 2017
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