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When you yell something that makes turn around, and want to make people think it was someone else.
People think that you weren't the one to yell it, because they think you were talking to the person next to you about possums.
Person A: KYLE!!!!!!
-kyle turns around-
Person A: And then, the possum,
Person B: Dude, you like Shirey?
by ThisOneTimeAtBandCamp October 20, 2008
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The most badass rapper ever. Member of the recently formed "Rat Slap and the Rat Pack" an underground freestyle rap group of ethnically diverse college students, rumored to have been started late at night in a college dorm. Their first album, predicted to be released in 2013 is under the working title, "Rat Trap."
"Dawg, dat Rat Slap be da biggest homie in da hood."
by thisonetimeatbandcamp February 19, 2012
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