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A tall, handsome, athletic papasito. He’s a hot sugar daddy and a good pole dancer. Throws ass better than anyone else. Edcson always knows how to satisfy your needs. He’s the most stubborn man but very understanding and good in bed. He’s a big fat ass for food but it helps keep the ass fat. Despite being the stupidest man on Earth, his dreamy eyes will automatically have you fall in love. He’s a good mixture of intelligence and stupid. Expect a surprise from him every day whether it be a hot nude or an injury he got from being dumb asf but a good adventurer. He will always strive to be successful and always wants the best for you. He is so strong and trustworthy but no matter how protected he makes you feel, he will
Most likely not use protection when the time comes. Edcson is a huge car fan and is always sure to take you for the ride of your life. Dating him is like having your own person stripper, dad, and best friend all in one!!
“Is that a sexy beast? Yeah, his name is Edcson”
by Thicccy bunZ June 30, 2021
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