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1.A human being whose gender is male whom is birthed from a sasquatch, thus meaning this male is by nature a panzy. Mostly known for becoming intoxicated and feeling the need to prove themselves worthy of becoming a spartan warrior by picking random fights with other males whom there is no tension with initially. Main reason being this male runs with a pack of males known as the Woods Cavemen. Constantly jumping and ganging up on one person. However, when sober or even intoxicated and seen in public by himself, his testicles retract into the lower intestine area and he becomes speechless. Last known documented fact on record is that the Gregory Meatball has an Oswald with him at all times. Oswald meaning "bodyguard"=also referred to as Ty Three Finger. Other then these facts, there is really no other information on this breed of human being.

2.Used as a verb referring to similar names to
But mother dearest, I cant help but feel the need to smash his face. He was drunk and spit in my face for no reason so I went at him and his pack of Oswalds gave me a good Gregory Meatball of a time. I cant change that he was born a panzy and has no heart
by TheyHateMe.ILoveIt October 31, 2010

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