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A satire subbreddit that gamers are too stupid to understand
Person 1: "So man,

what have you been up to
Person 2: "I've been showing how horrible Gamers are in

Person 1:"
Fucking idiot

Little did Justpassinghereman know he's the real idiot
by Thesauruz5 November 27, 2020
Something that was good and that only retards hate
GooglePlus is the best
by Thesauruz5 November 27, 2020
r/Goodanimemes is trash and has trash users and upvoters

trash anime memes
by Thesauruz5 November 28, 2020
What the tits definition users and likers are
by Thesauruz5 January 20, 2021
Contrary to popular belief Vanilla is not boring or plain this is only said by DEGENERATEs who dislike morals because they have lost they're humanity
Some dumbass: vanilla is boring and plain
Saints: at least vanilla fans don't wanna have sex with children or be a Degenerate
by Thesauruz5 November 26, 2020
Lolicon s are pedofiles
by Thesauruz5 November 26, 2020