1 definition by Thereal_woman926

A Handsome, Awesome, Thicc, and a once in a lifetime friend. He is referred to as the Darkskin King, Black Thor, and Mr. Thicc among other things and is a tall, dark, and a Chocolate Dream Boat of a man. His shlong is long enough to make woman feint. DO NOT STARE INTO HIS EYES, you will find yourself making whimpering noises and taking of your clothes in hopes of him ravishing you. He is very kind, the kind of boyfriend that you should never let go. Apia's caring heart may make you think that his empathy is endless, but beware, Apia will not be taken advantage of. He is a magnet of positive ions and energy that spreads to everyone who will acknowledge this fact. He has amazing dreams and goals that he will surely succeed at and excel. He makes friends easily and money even easier. He's a sexy beast. You will know when you meet him, because you'll know you just met an amazing person.
Girl: Oh who is that

Other Girl: That's the Darkskin King, Apia
Girl: Oh my god, He is soo sexy. I wish he would come over here.
by Thereal_woman926 October 29, 2020