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Djambazostatuses are Facebook status updates that are potentially misleading, open-ended, and/or confusing, posted so as to amuse the uploader.
Person A-Did you see that Djambazostatus he posted?
Person B-Yeah, it potentially mislead/confused me.
Person A -Damn you Djambazostatus! You're an unwieldy word for an unwieldy problem!

Example 2:

Alexis Marky: thinks she wants to.....

Dave: rob a bank?
Ann: talk to some trees????????
Jake: sing a song to a homeless person?
Logical Cynic: Thinks she wants to post a purposefully ambiguous status update so as to confuse people and create a string of illogical responses?
January 17 at 11:06pm
by Thelonius-Bone January 27, 2010
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