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Kasey is incredible. She is unpredictable, hilarious, pretty, powerful, stubborn, clever, and so much more. She plays it cool on the outside and likes to pretend she's outgoing but is really quite shy. She is incredibly different than any one you will ever meet. If you meet a Kasey, cherish her. If you do let her go, she'll pretend she doesnt care, but she does. Trust me. Hurt her feelings and she will do the same to you. She's a fan of revenge and holds massive grudges. Kasey's are creative. Most Kasey's have wavy bright blonde hair and electric blue eyes. Kasey's are natural leaders and are willing to fight for all they believe in.
Girl #1: hey, i think that's Kasey over there with thows other girls...

Girl #2: yeah, well lets see... Those girls are wearing pink, she's wearing grey and brown, she is making them all laugh, must be Kasey!
by Thedefinernamedme February 25, 2014

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