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The Most Corrupt Police Department Ever

They themselves are the biggest criminals and lawbreakers that exist in this city. They drive recklessly burn red lights because they dunkin donuts are having a sale write tickets for the same violations they break every day and arrest and lock up innocent civilians because they cant fight real crime. Realistically speaking out of the 36 000 pigs we have at most
3 000 are actually doing their job right. as for the courts the ada and the judges they got they're head so deep up their ass they truly think that everyone but them are angels delusional is an understatement
NYPD Pig 1: Lets pull this car over for going 45 in a 35
NYPD Pig 2:It smells like weed
Pig 1: well toss his car and search it and make up the story as we go along
Pig 2: oh we already will lock him up if not for the weed then for disorderly conduct since he ll probably say he has rights
Pig 1: wait people have rights?
Pig 2: beats me im just doing what im told to do since im a loser so ill make others feel bad thats why i work for NYPD
An innocent New Yorker gets locked up every 10 min something should be done
by TheTruthHurts! November 16, 2012

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