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A horribly overrated artist in the Invader Zim fandom. NGD seems to have a creepy obsession with yaoi, yuri, and pedophillia. She somehow got famous for her shitty Invader Zim fan comics. And she lives under the delusion that her fan works are somehow "original". She has a huge ego and will usually talk down to you or insult you for no reason. Bitch much? She has a habit of flipping out on her "friends" and usually blocks them once they try to defend themselves. And if you try to call her on her shit, she'll send her fan tards after you. But what do you expect. She also whines and bitches if ANYTHING isn't to her liking in art. She needs to get off her fucking high horse and realize that she doesn't rule the internet.
I think thats called Notgonnadie
by TheStickyNoter December 27, 2010

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